Folk Art

This is a new series I am currently working on… There are several more pieces in the works. Please contact me if you are interested in these. To enquire about commissioned work or to purchase any of these pieces, please contact

As an artist I truly believe in being a lifelong student. I continue to learn new techniques and love to incorporate them in my art. I use techniques from traditional Indian folk art like Madhubani, Warli, Kalamkari, Cheriyal, Pattachitra, Kalighat, Phad, Gond and many others that I was exposed to in my youth to create this unique style of folk art. You will also notice that I have used techniques derived from Australian aboriginal art and African and Egyptian folk art to enhance some of these pieces. The earthiness and the simple nature of these art forms add a certain layer of complexity when intertwined with each other. A lot of the paint used is natural and derived from vegetables. I also use natural and synthetic powder colors to create paint as well as watercolors and acrylic colors.

This ties in with my ongoing themes of unity, oneness, and diversity, thus merging the vastness of creation through the marriage of abstract and modern with culture and tradition.

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